Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Eleanor Vaden in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park: Image Copyright - Mario Vaden 2008

This is my mother Eleanor Vaden, during her first visit to the coast redwoods, in 2008. Driving back home, she said it was the most peaceful place she has ever been in her life.

My mother grew up in Canada, and lived about half her life there, and half here in Oregon. In all those years, she had never been to the redwoods. So before we moved back up to Beaverton, Oregon, from the Jacksonville and Medford area, she tagged along with me for a ride to the north redwoods.

We spent most of the time at Simpson Reed Discovery Trail and Stout Grove. Both trails are pretty smooth and not too long. Perfect for senior citizens. Or handicapped folks, should you know any who are looking for a good place to view redwood forest. The day ended with a drive aloing Howland Hill Road which stretches through the midst of the park.

An abundant life is not dependent upon seeing this magnificent forest. But if you want to see these redwoods, its got to happen while you live and breath. And its a fine way to enjoy the Creator’s handiwork.

In the photo, mother is next to a fallen redwood that is supporting a garden of plants nearly 20 feet high. The tree was enormous when it grew. You need to see it in person to realize the size.

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