Michael Taylor in the Redwood Forest

Michael Taylor the Tree Discovery Man: Image Copyright 2008 by Mario Vaden

This is Michael Taylor who discovered many of the largest known coast redwoods along the west coast of the United States, in California.

There should be a page with more information about him at Wikipedia:

Wikipedia: Michael Taylor

He is seen here getting a rough preliminary measurement for a coast redwood or Douglas fir, in the vicinity of Lost Man Creek: Redwood National Park.

Michael Taylor is one of the main characters in a book by Richard Preston, called The Wild Trees. In Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast by Robert Van Pelt, Michael is also seen in one photo for size comparson. And a brief appearance in a National Georgraphic video about the discovery of Hyperion, the tallest tree in the world, discovered by himself and Chris Atkins, in 2006. I am looking forward to Michael launching his own website one of these days.

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