Oswald West State Park, Oregon, Sitka Spruce

A Sitka Spruce tree at Oswald West State Park in Oregon. 2008

Oswald West State Park is in north Oregon, along the coast highway 101.

This particular tree in that park reminds me of a big dinosaur: the trunk shaped like a neck, and the roots like legs. The tree is a Sitka Spruce, and most likely germinated on top of a stump or log which is mostly decayed by now. I call this spruce Jurassic Tree.

There are plenty of Sitka Spruce in the park, as well as other evergreens like Western Hemlock.

There is plenty of parking. The lots fill up in summer, but in Autumn, Winter and Spring, there are plenty of spaces open, if not most of them. Trails lead east and west from the parking area. The beach is accessible using the trail too.

Located between Manzanita and Cannon Beach.

Oswald West State Park