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Two books written by Robert Van Pelt

Here are two books I’ve been reading recently, written by Robert Van Pelt, a west coast researcher of trees and forests. Van Pelt also wrote Forest Giants of the Pacific Coast.

The two books are:

Identifying Mature and Old Forests in Western Washington

And …

Identifying Old Trees and Forests in Eastern Washington

These may not be available for sale. But if you are into heavy-hitting tree information, and can put the information to practical use, maybe contact the Washington State Department of Natural Resources for a lead.

Robert Van Pelt provides in depth information about the forests of Washington. The back cover describes Van Pelt as a research ecologist at the University of Washington, where he received both his Ms and PhD. He is currently involved with canopy research of the the world’s tallest trees: Douglas fir, Sitka spruce, coast redwood and giant sequoia around the west coast states, and mountain ash down under in Australia.

These booklets, like the forest giant book he wrote, become facinating the deeper I get into them. These two are almost like a Dicotomous Key & Forest ID book rolled into one. This is such an experienced approach to identifying forest types, that I’m going to have to read through these twice, maybe three times. It’s not hard to understand. But there is a lot of information.

A review of his Forest Giant book is included here:

Book Review: The Wild Trees & Forest Giants