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Grove of Titans

Here is a short introduction to the Grove of Titans in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Maybe you are already familiar with these giant redwoods from an article, or maybe Preston’s book called “The Wild Trees”.

The photo to the right is Del Norte Titan, one of those big redwoods.

To spare space here, you can find reams more info about these from my Redwoods information page.

See Coast Redwoods Information

Several redwoods have a separate page. Look for Lost Monarch, Del Norte Titan and Screaming Titans.

For now, I’m not planning to distribute a map.

A few folks have found the grove, but any wear was inconsequential, even reversing in 2009.

Jurassic Tree ~ Oswald West State Park

Oswald West State Park, Oregon, Sitka Spruce

A Sitka Spruce tree at Oswald West State Park in Oregon. 2008

Oswald West State Park is in north Oregon, along the coast highway 101.

This particular tree in that park reminds me of a big dinosaur: the trunk shaped like a neck, and the roots like legs. The tree is a Sitka Spruce, and most likely germinated on top of a stump or log which is mostly decayed by now. I call this spruce Jurassic Tree.

There are plenty of Sitka Spruce in the park, as well as other evergreens like Western Hemlock.

There is plenty of parking. The lots fill up in summer, but in Autumn, Winter and Spring, there are plenty of spaces open, if not most of them. Trails lead east and west from the parking area. The beach is accessible using the trail too.

Located between Manzanita and Cannon Beach.

Oswald West State Park

Autumn color is not just leaves

Orange Earth Tongue

Orange Earth Tongue

Autumn color in the forest is not limited to colorful leaves of trees, like dogwood, vine maple or dogwood.

If we take the time to look down, and slow down a bit, there is much color to be seen in the fungi and mushroom that sprout during autumn and early winter. Mushroom grow during other months, but the peak season seems to be when the rains come and the cool season arrives following summer.

This fungi should be called Orange Earth Tongue, best I know. This photo was taken in the Oregon coast range somewhere between Elsie and Seaside.

It’s only been recently that I started to learn a few names and recognize some of the west coast mushrooms. In the meantime, I keep an eye out for different kinds and take a few photos.

N. D. Vaden Mushroom Photo Album

That link includes various mushrooms spotted near Oregon